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Saturday, November 5, 2011

For Fwanks and Chunkins, a playful homecoming in Richmond

As we like to say in putting a romantic spin on the ballad of Frankie and Charlie - "they come up the hard way". Both are Richmond dogs, and thanks to some kind-hearted folks at the Ray County Humane Society, Frankie (a.k.a. Fwanks or Fwankie) was rescued and now lives the cush life in Music City U.S.A. in Tennessee. His big brother (frankly, everyone's big brother) is Charlie, a member of a litter unceremoniously dumped on the road outside the Richmond Animal Shelter. This time it was Donna Griffin, the animal control officer, and her rescue contact, Katie Lappin, who kept and cared for Charlie (a.k.a. Chahwee or Chunkins) and his siblings long enough that they could find homes. Both dogs were adopted by my daughter, Sarah, who lived in St. Louis until a few months ago when she, Matt Amelung and the dogs moved to Nashville. They all came through Richmond last week and spent some time at Wiggley Park, Richmond's beautiful, underused dog park. The dogs had been in the car for a few hours and were more than happy to relieve themselves (repeatedly), run like banshees and play fight with some serious chops (see the photo below). They get along great, despite the fangs and demented eyes in the faux fight photo (say that quickly three times, but back up a step or two so you don't spit in someone's eye). They're happy, healthy and well-cared for, and I think of my Grand-dogs as Richmond born and bred. They come up the hard way, but now it's party time.
Frankie, an Australian shepherd mix with one brown eye and one blue eye. A super-quick herding dog.

Charlie is thought to be part Great Pyrrenees and part chow, but he's all large and a real sweetie with a deep bark..
Frankie's probably half of Charlie's weight, but he's usually the aggressor when they play fight. Charlie's no pushover, but he likes to spar on his back or run and toss his weight into Frankie (when he can catch him).

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