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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A motivational poster labeled "Serenity" and from practical Missouri, the entry-level horse

I was joking yesterday that this photo of a leaf would be a perfect example of a homework assignment in "Adventures in Photography 101". The assignment: Find a creative shot in nature. I actually like the photo, but let's face it, it does say "packaged creativity". Maybe I could turn it into an inspirational poster under the heading "Serenity" and bolster our ever-sagging family finances. Let's imagine for a moment that the poster becomes a huge commercial success. Ever thankful, family members reward me with some discretionary money, saying maybe I could "Buy something I'd like." I don't know if I could afford two mules, but I'd like the one on the left pictured below. I can see the looks I'd get here in Beige Estates, our housing addition. The mule became Missouri's official state animal in 1995 and it's such a good perfect fit for the frugal, never-fancy Show Me State. Horses are beautiful, elegant creatures, tall-legged and muscular, but the mule is so ... lovable and down to earth. I see them as kind of an entry-level horse. And, for the person who's afraid of heights, you can sit tall in the saddle without ever being too far off the ground.

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