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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Looking for soybeans, finding a butterfly

As is often the case, I go in looking for one thing and come out having found another. Yesterday, I pulled the car over to take some photos of a combine harvesting soybeans along Wellington Street in Richmond. Walking in to get closer to action, I came across these wildflowers -- in full bloom and nice lighting. Where there are flowers, there are bees, wasps, mosquitoes and, in this case, a beautiful butterfly. He moved around quite a bit, spreading his wings (above) to reveal vivid colors. In another photo (below, right) he seems to be precariously clinging to a flower while enjoying the fruits of his labor. At left, like the grasshopper that seemed to make eye contact with me last week, the butterfly is looking me right in the eye. I'm working at being quiet and not threatening, as invisible as a large treybooshographer can be.

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