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Friday, October 14, 2011

Found, but not exactly art, in our parking lot in the Mushroom Capital

This, my friends, is the latest Richmond News Parking Lot Not-Art Find of the Week. We can only assume that the person who wolfed these down wasn't watching his good and bad cholesterol. I've never been a White Castle fan, but I remember being curious about the one near the end of the 7th Avenue Subway line at 244th Street and Broadway, near where I lived in Riverdale, N.Y. from 7th grade through high school. There's a Maid-Rite hamburger place in Lexington, Mo. across the river from Richmond that I've heard is similar, but I haven't tried it. The burgers there are steamed, a friend says, and are more crumbly than in patty form. Steamed or not, the place does appeal to me because there's a counter and you can watch the cooks work, kind of like Waffle House or Town Topic in Kansas City. These spots all have a certain charm for me, but the best of all is Ron's Hamburgers in Tulsa, Okla. The original Ron's counter-only hole in the wall can be seen in the small photo below. I'll make myself crazy with hunger (at 9:35 a.m.), but at Ron's it was always a Mexican Steak (grill-cooked hamburger steak served on bed of chili covered with green chilis, pepper jack cheese and jalapeno slices), a side of the best finely chopped, sweet cole slaw I've had and a frosty mug of root beer. Those were the days my drooling Treybooshkas!

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