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Thursday, October 13, 2011

See Sunrise, See Windmill, Find Trees and Forget the Full Moon

There was a full moon last night, and I figured it might be something I could shoot since I had to be to work by 7 this morning. I took one of my back-road diagonals to get to the Mushroom Capital and drove past this windmill. It's on Route EE, the one in Clay County, not Ray, near Liberty Hills Country Club. I've taken photos of it before, including once when there was also a full moon. I chanced upon the moon that time, just because I happened to turn my back on the windmill. There it was, big as Wichita. The moon itself can be a pretty boring subject, unless you happen to have a long telephoto lens, a tripod and can use a bit of time exposure to get the features of the surface (not including the American flag planted there in the Sixties by Neil Armstrong). As a shoot-from-the-hip photo hobbyist, I depend more on circumstance, instinct and luck (the real biggee). That other time (you know, that one), I shot the moon with leafless brush in front of it and used a flash (the shot's above). It was a fun result (for me, the fun is when you come across something by chance and have some luck with the tech end. This time, I ignored the moon (sorry, big guy), but came up with some burnin'-hot shots of the sunrise behind my friend the windmill and silhouetted trees. That was pretty much the real color. The only manipulation I did was to hit auto contrast in Photoshop and lighten the photo just enough so I could see the windmill blades a bit better. FYI, Those little dark things walking up the hill are cattle. The shot of the trees alone was also taken this morning -- just a tighter focus. Enough of the Treybooshography explanations. It's time to de-blog, play some guitar and read. Another day at the ink factory tomorrow, my treybooshkas, so I need my beauty sleep (getting a little late for that, right?)

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