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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lightnin' quick squirrel, a daredevil, gets his nuts in a row

This lightnin'-quick feller lives in our backyard. He was out Saturday morning collecting nuts for the winter and showing world-class sprinters, jumpers, leapers and trapeze artists exactly how it's done. If there's a more athletic animal in his division, I haven't seen it. Squirrels are naturally a bit on the nervous side, so I don't know if this guy went berserk because he knew I tiptoed onto the deck and was watching him. Maybe it was my boxer shorts that threw him off. At any rate, he put on a fearless display of climbing, scampering, accelerating, stopping and branch-leaping that amazed me. Do squirrels actually know where they're headed when they leap or do they just figure they'll deal with it when they get there? Humans blessed with athletic prowess sometimes believe they're invincible and become cocky as a result. Either Mr. Squirrel falls into that category or the little lady read him the riot act that morning. "Mister, now get your furry butt out there and get us some nuts for the winter or there's no more ESPN for you," she said.
Mr. Squirrel stops momentarily and takes a little taste of the profits.

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