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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When a small town backs its football team even the funeral home gets into the act

Richmond's a football town, especially since the Spartans won the Class 3 Missouri State Championship a year ago. Businesses around the mostly deserted square -- retail once flourished there but has since been Walmartized and moved to the highway -- all display Spartan banners, posters and memorabilia wishing the team well. The spirit has even infected the normally staid Polley Funeral Home, one of two send-off parlors in town. No one expects much hoo-ha from a funeral home, but now mourners who file in for services in their Sunday finest can experience an uplifting moment thanks to the Spartan Pride banner at the door. I figure you have to go sometime; no reason your last words can't be "We're No. 1, baby!" The Spartans are 7-1 this year -- their one loss was by four points -- and are looking to return to the state playoffs. The momentum won't fade any time soon, either, thanks to a well-organized, popular youth football program. The kids dream of being a Spartan someday, and God knows a goal can be inspirational rocket fuel.
A recent Younger Division Super Bowl game provided fans with thrills and a 6-0 win for the team in gold.

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