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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What, you think it's easy being me?

There was a little respite from the heat today, but the skeeterfest on this poor cow's snout was good reason not to be in a celebrating mood. There's even one of the little buggers on the tip of his tongue. 

And we thought we had it hard! If this cow could talk, I have an inkling he would've had plenty to complain about. And I would've listened.

I took a couple of shots of him while driving to a lunch break/siesta at Ray County Lake, east of Richmond, Mo. I have to say I felt bad for him. He and other members of the herd know enough to keep as cool as they can by grazing in the shade along the road. But when they've had all they can take -- how would you like to be a cow when it's 107 degrees -- they walk right into the creek that runs through their field.

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