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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning

Nothing to say but that's OK ... good morning, good morning.

Punctuality won this morning. Took this shot from the car. Label it "Sunrise Over Excelsior Springs". Kind of exotic if you ask me. Not quite "Moon Over Miami," but, after all, this is Missouri and I have a job.

FYI: Thanks to permission from the Richmond News, I have a twice-monthly column being published by The Kansas City Star, my former employer. The first one ran Tuesday. You can find it at: Back to my mole-whacking ways.

The photo that ran with the column is several years old. I don't believe I've worn a tie since it was taken, no longer have a goatee (I was advised they are seriously a style faux pas) and have even less hair now. I do sport a couple of Wild West sideburns, however, named Romeo and Juliet.

You've got to love the name of this font ... Trebuchet. Repeat after me boys and girls, trey-boo-shay. 'ave a good one, mes ami.

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