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Friday, August 5, 2011

If you can't stop, catalog; if you've taken it before, take it again in a different light

     If this looks familiar, well, you've been paying attention! It's a garage and silos at the intersection of Missouri 210 and Highway N, just west of the Ray County line. 

     There's an earlier photo here of the garage alone with the sky going, "Look at me, look at me, look at me!" kind of like a 3-year-old on a swing with parents watching. Today's picture a bit more subtle, but that morning cloud line's as straight as a shaved neck in a 1950s barber shop. The gun-metal gray was especially appropriate because my companion this morning was the audio book "The Assassination Of Jesse James By That Coward Robert Ford."

     What I've learned is since it's not always possible to stop, the obsessive photographer needs to catalog locations for future shots. There's no guarantee you'll see the same thing again, but something close is certainly possible, as are almost infinite variations. 

     With this garage, it's not so much the particular day and lighting that caught me, but the composition of the silos, garage, cornfield -- even the electric line and poles (typically the curse of a good photo). Maybe it's the sagging line that I like (smaller photo), or the birds merrily roosted on the straighter one. Either way, for me the setting's a keeper. 

     This morning I was on the way to do an interview and take photos at Dear Elementary in Richmond. I pulled over, opened the window and took a few shots from inside the car. (Hence the expression "hit-and-run photo".) 

     So adios muchachos, that's it for now from Dave's Photography 101 -- a course with no tests, grades or credits. You can even keep your cell phone on during class.

     Check the Richmond News for other photos. You can e-mail me ( if you'd like high-resolution versions of any of my before- and after-work photos.

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