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Friday, October 21, 2011

What, you might ask, does this have to do with commuting, let alone magical commuting?

It's late, and I'm going to make this short (insert cheering from the cheap seats). Pictured is the cast of "The Zombie," a Richmond High School play being performed this weekend at the Farris Theatre. In one of my usual mad dashes to finish my work and get to one of my son's high school soccer games, I had to stop briefly to get a cast photo for the paper. All the kids took their places on and around the couch, and after I nearly fell off the stage (I can see the headline: "News photographer topples from stage, bruising ego, destroying beloved camera"), we were ready to shoot. I set the camera/flash the right way, but noticed that the shutter speed was much too slow. Basically, you could go "one one thousand, two one thousand" before the shutter would open and close. A fellow in the back (third from the right) wasn't just a thespian but a keen observer of human dorkiness. "Sir," he said, in that respectful Ray County manner I've come to admire. "I think the flash is hitting your hat." He was right. The flash was popping up, hitting the brim of my ball cap and not firing. Since I tend to embarrass myself frequently, I've gotten pretty good at rolling with the punches. I thanked the actor for his perceptiveness, got a decent photo and ran it in the paper the next day. I may be physically clumsy, but I am adroit at amusing myself with word play, especially headlines with music references. The headline for the play photo: Time of the season for 'The Zombies'                        " 

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  1. I think the opening baseline is one of the first single note riffs i learned; that and "Ticket to Ryde". . .