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Friday, October 21, 2011

Of What the Heck, Fence Me In. I Could Have It Much Worse.

I've actually made eye contact with this impressive specimen on a previous trip up Garner Street to Ray County Lake, but on this occasion he probably wouldn't have looked over had I stood on top of the car and sung "Don't Fence Me In". I'm not sure if this guy is kept as an expensive pet, a stud or to be fattened up for the unthinkable, but from a cow's perspective he actually has it pretty good. He shares a good-sized pasture with three or four horses, has plenty to eat and drink and can watch the world go by. From time to time he might wonder when he gets to visit his favorite lady friend, but all in all it's not a bad life. For one thing, the average cow couldn't give a hoot if something's spelled wrong. Take the street sign below, for example, which is just a couple hundred feet from where the cow was positioned. The sign at 120th Street says "Gardner" rather than Garner. It's one of two signs in the Richmond area I know of that are misspelled. The other's on Royle Street, which in one location is spelled Royal. Who proofreads these things, anyhow? If you know of another misspelled street sign, either send me the location or take a photo of it yourself. We don't want those GPSes and Google Maps gettin' all confused, now do we? Got to sashay, my Treybooshays. Have a good weekend.

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