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Saturday, February 4, 2012

For Grateful Dead fans, a sign on the road to Missouri City, Mo. and the complete audio-visual experience. Just gotta poke around.

Make sure to read the fine print. Does this mean the individual defacing public property wanted to "stop Shakedown Street"? Is he referring to the length of the song? For non-Grateful Dead fans, "Shakedown Street" is the title of one of the band's more popular dance tunes. (Yes, some Dead dance numbers could last up to a day and a half, or at least seem that way.) A little bit of the lyric: "Nothin shakin on shakedown street. used to be the heart of town. Dont tell me this town aint got no heart. you just gotta poke around." Bruddah, ain't dat the troot. The more I poke around, the more I like where I am, the more heart I discover this place has. It's not the town or the street; it's your pokeability. I gotten real pokey. For the complete audio-visual experience, click on this link to see/hear the Dead perform "Shakedown Street" in 1989. The song's so long, it comes it two parts.

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