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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So much everything ... so little time

So many windmills, so little time. I stop and take photos of them whenever I can. These are practice shots taken from the road at Aldrich Quarter Horses on Highway 10. Janet Aldrich gave me permission a while back to shoot from their property, which I might take her up on at some point. The sun sets behind the windmill, which makes for an ideal late-afternoon early-evening shot. I've seen more brilliant skies there at dusk, but I wanted to stop and get a feel for positioning. What really interests me now that I've looked at these shots is the old spindly tree to the right of the windmill. Kind of creepy, no? It's especially cartoonesque (can't you see the limbs motioning in a threatening way to Walt Disney characters) in the black-and-white version below. So many trees, so little time!

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