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Sunday, October 30, 2011

With yard work, time is of the essence, but there's always a free moment to pause for natural beauty

I'm pretty much a reluctant homeowner, so it didn't take a whole lot for me to put down the leaf blower and go inside for my camera. I'd already finished blowing leaves out of the garage and was headed to clean the basement (yes, with a leaf blower) when I noticed these moths on my wife's brilliant bed of mums by the side of the house. The light was good, the moths were out and hey, my ADD was in full bloom, so why not?

I don't know what this feller's called, but he's the second closeup I've gotten of a moth that's colored in a way I've never seen before. Anyone know what it's called? I could go to and find out, but what fun is that?

This looks a bit like a wasp, but I don't think it is. I've never seen a wash with orange/red head and when he flew away it didn't hover the way wasps do.
When I brought my digital SLR, I initially second-guessed the decision, thinking I should've used the money for recording. I've nearly worn the thing out in discovering a new avenue of self-expression, as if I really needed one. I express myself when I sweat, when I drive, when I do yard work. Time is of the essence, so the primary goal is to do what I have to do, but get it done as quickly as possible. That explains the weed blower in the basement, my curious Trebuchistas. Don't worry, it's an electric model.

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