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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pie in the sky, tow truck in the sky, ah whatever ... another silhouette along that long 'n' windin' Magic Commute

After sitting through two hours of a Richmond City Council meeting, I was tired, but not so tired that I couldn't pull my trusty Olympus 510 from the holster, twirl it a few times around my trigger finger and shoot the dickens out of the sunset silhouette above. As you might've noticed, I prefer silhouettes, sunsets, sunrises and beauty in general to reality. You gotta like them puffy clouds.
Carmichael's in a tow service and repair shop in Richmond that I've passed at least 600 to 700 times since I started working in the Mushroom Capitol of the World. But the orange and black photo represents the first time I've thought twice about their kitschy sign. I returned to the scene of the shooting today and took a daylight shot for quirk's sake. The words on the sign might add a bit (say the phone number), but the image of the truck says it all for me. So my petite wee Trey Boo Shays, now you know more than you might've wanted about a tow truck, a sunset and a Magic Commute.

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