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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fingers of the Sun over Business 10

     I was fortunate with this one. I noticed the fingers of diffused sunlight coming through the clouds, but couldn't find a safe place to stop. At one point, I hoped to hook a turn up a gravel road (Todd's Chapel for you locals), but there was a motorcycle bearing down on me and it was a sharp cut-back turn. So I continued on, camera in my lap.

     Once I reached the turnoff from the highway to Business 10 (a business loop through Richmond for you non-local readers out there in Blogland) I stopped and took a few shots. I'm pretty surprised that the "fingers" remained intact that long. With sunrise photos, the mantra is "it's now or never". Today, "now" lasted a little longer.

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  1. As the Sun comes up over Cape Cod Bay(I'm at the SW corner) I see these "fingers of light" often. Over the water they can be quite awe inspiring, I never seem to have a camera to capture the moment . . . I'm appreciative of your "capture".