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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A fine example of cross-marketeering ... if I had a couple of co-conspirators, we'd be The Three Cross-Marketeers

     If you took this Chevrolet Fleetline to Kansas, found a long hill (good luck on both counts) and rolled down it, you might achieve a mileage personal best. Then again, maybe not. Of course, the real secret to high mileage is to keep your speed down, not accelerating out of turns and ... the kicker ... read my column in The Kansas City Star (there's a link below). Let's just say everyone needs a hobby, you know, one that's sustainable and fosters, as they say in Tennessee, Quality Growth.

     This Chevy sits (as we say in the country, "sets") in front of this little fixer-upper of a house east of Missouri City off Highway 210. It's actually a pretty aerodynamic design for a car, if a little on a large side. Better check the pressure in the tires, however, if you want good MPGs. But that visor ain't too shabby!

     Finally, if World Class Mileage is your goal, we might suggest old Festus here. He's a little on the ornery side, but if you give him an apple or two he'll go all day on a single tank of intestinal gas.

     Have a good one my little Trey-Boo-Shays ...

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