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Friday, September 30, 2011

All of God's Children, Large and Small, Along the Road of Life

OK, so maybe a John Deere combine isn't precisely a child of God -- more like a giant created by the children of God. I came across this one yesterday during a lunchtime nature walk -- yeah, those still exist -- in Southview Park. It's harvest season, so the combine is clearly the "Large" in today's tale of contrasts. A large creation deserves large type, my giant Treybooshays.
Same walk, same park, another child of God along the road of life. It must be grasshopper season at the moment in Southview. Maybe they feel cold weather coming and are hoppin' around is search of shelter.  This little feller hopped in the middle of the path and stayed there as I took three or four quiet steps to get closer ... slowly I turned, step by step. I got within maybe three feet and was kind of hoping he'd spring up and I'd get a shot in mid-air, but he either liked the attention, was too scared to move or was playing that nature game -- if I don't move maybe he'll think I'm dead. I think this is the first time I can say I made eye contact with a creature that small. My little Treybushkas, have a hoppin' fine weekend.

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