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Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Tree Farm Road and Highway 10, a fire truck, sunrise and weeds aplenty; the Humvee will have to wait for another day

     I've already got poison ivy from a mowing mishap, so I wasn't about to wander into a dark, weedy field in my shorts to get a photo of that Humvee-style army truck I've been plotting to shoot at sunrise. The day will come when I'm in jeans and boots and am willing to risk nothing more serious than stepping on a snake or twisting my ankle to get the shot.

     The fire truck here's in the same field and I was able to take it from the road; I don't know the story behind it, but I'll bet someone in Ray County does. It appears to be a fire tank truck (the lettering Truck 6 is visible in one photo) and it makes an interesting enough silhouette when framed by willowy weeds and the orange sky.

     I haven't yet mastered my camera, nor have I spent enough time with the instruction book to fully understand the settings. Still, I was reasonably satisfied with the exposure I picked, but then when I crouched down to get a low shot I created more shadows, which told the flash to pop up (even at 1600 ASA). I hate it when that happens. My camera must've been in the gifted program.

     Anyway, the flash produced the photo where the weeds are greener and the truck's fire-engine red. I didn't plan this, so I believe the result can be described as serendipity or fortuitousness. Dumb luck works fine, too.

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