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Monday, July 18, 2011

What the World Needs Now ... Another Blog, Sweet Blog

I've had the idea for The Magic Commute since December 2009 – the 14th to be precise – when I started working in Richmond, Mo., the capital (population 5,900) of Ray County. After a long period of self-employment (i.e. unemployment plus whatever freelance work I could scrounge up), I was hired as news editor at the (then) Richmond Daily News. The paper has since scaled back to twice-weekly publication, another sad chapter in the de-evolution of the newspaper industry (I believe we're in the Dinosauric Era at the moment). But then I was handed the gift of a daily 38-or-so-mile commute to Richmond.

This followed not-so-magical commutes to Johnson County, Kan, the Waldo area in Kansas City and the frontage road to I-29 in Kansas City, North. The words "frontage" and "I-29" pretty much speak for themselves.
The commute through the river bottom and pastures of Ray County have been a different story entirely. Nothing about it speaks for itself. Almost every day I discover a new road – virtually all gravel – that I someday hope to explore.  In a world clogged with blogs and other Digital Age wonders, this blog is created to speak for my commute – in words, photos, song lyrics and whatever other communicative appurtenances I can dredge up, including wanton improvisation.

Photos will be the starting point. Words and everything will follow their lead, all without the aid of a GPS, Smart Phone or Google Maps. A seeing-eye dog may be considered at a future date, however.

Hope you enjoy this! If you like what I see, let me know with posts or e-mail to

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